Terms & Conditions



1. Cakes, confections and products.


1.1  Le Rose Cakes and Julie Roope (hereinafter referred to as "Le Rose Cakes " or "we", "us", "our") will use the best ingredients it can source. 


1.2 ) I use free range eggs in all of my Products unless on rare occasions these are unavailable then i will use a substitute of non free range eggs.


1.3 We do not cater for severe allergies of any kind. My kitchen and equipment  may have traces of allergens on them. I cannot guarantee our products are nut free.


1.4 For orders under £200 in value, 30% (non-refundable) payment is required to secure your booking with the outstanding balance to be paid before collection/Delivery unless otherwise agreed by Le Rose Cakes. For orders over £200, a 30% non-refundable deposit will be required, with the balance falling due no later than 4 weeks before the date of collection/delivery. No reminders will be sent for final payments, so please make a note in your diary. Failure to make payment by the time due may result in the date being released and all obligations by us ceasing.


1.5 Orders will only be confirmed upon receipt of agreed deposit or the full payment, whichever we request.


1.6 In the event the event is cancelled, and you wish to cancel your order, all deposits remain non-refundable. If the event is cancelled less than 1 month before the date 50% of the total amount due may be retained by us. In the event of cancellation less than 7 days before the event, payment in full will be retained as by this stage work will have started, stock obtained, and work scheduled accordingly. Cancellation must be made in writing. 


1.7 If a request to reschedule is made, we will do our best to accommodate you. In the event that the date cannot be rescheduled, or the request is made less than 1 month/4 weeks before the event, clause 1.6 will apply.


1.8 All orders are bespoke and made to your exact requirements and so each quote will be individual and relate specifically to that order.


1.9 Once products are collected or delivered, they become the customers responsibility. We will not be liable for any damage occurring whatsoever.


1.10 You are solely responsible for the safe transportation of your completed cakes. We advise that cakes should be transported flat in the boot of your car or foot well with some non-slip matting underneath your cake box. We will supply you with a cake box for transportation. We will not be liable for any damage occurring whatsoever after hand over of the item/s. It is advised that you drive safely and avoid sharp breaking, sudden acceleration, and tight fast corners. Also avoid speed bumps where possible and if it is necessary, take them slowly.


1.11 Once products are set up at an event or venue, we shall take a photograph and request that someone on the premises signs a form. A copy of the form will be left with that person. We shall not be liable for any damage occurring thereafter.


1.12 Once payment has been made a contract is non-cancellable by the customer. Ordering mistakes such as (but not limited to) date, colour, numbers will not be grounds for a cancellation. If an order date is requested by the customer to be changed following confirmation and acceptance of an order, this may not be possible.


1.13 It is your responsibility to read through any quote carefully. Any requests to make an amendment to flavour or design must be made in writing not less than 2 weeks before the event. We will do our best to accommodate changes, but this may not be possible. Changes may incur extra charges which are payable immediately and any work commenced for the original specification will also require a charge. If any changes or amendments change the value to 75% or less than originally quoted, we reserve the right to retain up to 75% of the original quote.


1.14 Deliveries are charged per mile plus time taken for the return trip and any set up required at an hourly rate.


1.15 Collection of orders is from our premises at a pre-agreed date and time. If you are unable to arrive at the time agreed, we will endeavour to accommodate you. However, if you do not collect the product within a reasonable time, we cannot be held responsible for it no longer being available.


1.16 Transport and storage of items is generally away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It is not necessary to store in a fridge unless specifically instructed. Items are best consumed within 3 days of collection/delivery.


1.17 In the event of a complaint, this must be notified within 24 hours.


1.18 If the complaint concerns the product purchased a photo must be immediately provided AND the product returned to us.


1.19 Any product which is more than 1/4 consumed will be deemed as being of a satisfactory standard and no investigation will take place.


1.20 Once received we will investigate the nature of the complaint and any decision made will be final.


1.21 If we are found liable and a mistake has been made, we will offer a refund either in part or full, or a credit note/discount for future use, depending upon the severity, at our discretion.


1.22 It is your responsibility to ensure all non-edible decoration is removed from the product prior to cutting and consumption (for example but not limited to: dowels, ribbons, wired flowers, models)



2. Payments 


2.1 Payments for orders are payable immediately.


2.2 Orders will not be confirmed until the deposit payment is received unless otherwise agreed by  Le Rose Cakes.


2.3 Wedding bookings and orders over £200 (excluding stand hire or delivery charges) will require a deposit to secure the date with the balance due one calendar month before the event date.


2.4 When payment is received your booking will be confirmed by email or agreed format/medium.


2.5 If another order or booking is received before payment has been made (within any agreed time or within 24 hours), you may lose your place.


2.6 Le Rose Cakes will not issue reminders for payments not received either in part or full. Dates will be released and reallocated without further notice. Please make a note of all important dates. It is your responsibility to make payment to secure your date. 


2.7 Deposits or payments in full are non-refundable.


2.8 For terms relating to cancellations of orders, please refer to Clause 1 above.



3. General


3.1 All content of Le Rose Cakes website including, but not limited to, designs, layout, wording, text, photographs, belong to Le Rose Cakes and may not be copied, duplicated, or used in any format or for any purpose without the express permission of Le Rose Cakes  and its owner.


3.2 Le Rose Cakes or its owner will not be liable for a failure to perform or a delay due to events outside of its control including, but not limited to:

  • Failure to receive materials needed due to a 3rd party failure beyond our control.


  • Extreme weather conditions preventing delivery or collection of products, including but not limited to, storm, snow/ice, fire, floods, or any natural disaster whatsoever.


  • Impossibility of the use of any relevant means of transport (for delivery or collection of products or attendance at classes)


  • Traffic conditions upon delivery of a wedding order or other


  • any act, or attempted act of terrorism


  • Any epidemic or pandemic, or other localised disease or illness, whether previously known or otherwise



3.3 We will endeavour to minimise any disruption to deliveries due to an event beyond our control.


3.4 All personal details supplied to us are confidential and will not be disclosed to any 3rd party. All such details will be destroyed when they are no longer required for our records and will only be held for the time they are required. 


3.5 The maximum liability of Le Rose Cakes will not be more than the price of the product or cost of the service.


3.6 Le Rose Cakes  holds all relevant Public Liability Insurance and operates under strict HACCP guidelines for all food production, handling, storage, and distribution.


3.7 Le Rose Cakes is registered with the local authority and undergoes regular strict inspections in accordance with the law.


3.8 English law will apply to all aspects of any arrangements for the provision of services or products, including the terms above, interpretation and all other disputes or matters arising.


3.9 These Terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice.