Cake! Cake! Everywhere!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I think my Brain may have actually turned To cake! when I wake up in the Morning my first thoughts are Cake whether it be ...I need to make Cake! I need to eat cake, ooh that's a great recipe I have got to Try that out...Right now...Right Here ( cue Husband with his Hands over his face in despair at the thought of yet another Icing sugar explosion in the Kitchen) I Google cake, Instagram cake, Facebook cake, take pictures of cake ( otherwise known as Cake porn) I even Dream cake. So I'm convinced somewhere in the Middle of my head its all got a bit Sponge Laden with Jam and Cream in there. Could this lead to the possibility of me trying to eat my own Head??? who Knows? I have gone slightly Cake Bonkers !! that's not a Bad thing though as it keeps everyone supplied with scrummy Cakes and Bakes. During lockdown I found I had a lot of Rhubarb in My Garden so I made this Rhubarb and Custard cake for the Family . It was Lush! Especially warm with ice cream. (pic Below)

Check out my Indulgent Brownie Page, soon to be Delivered to your door via Royal Mail. Stay safe Cake lovers .

Home is Where The Bakes Are x

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