Time Flys!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

This week my Son turns 21.....How did that happen?? It seems only moments ago that he was a tiny baby in his cute little sleep suits. It feels quite emotional as a mum when your Babies are all grown up and starting to leave the nest. Sometimes i would like to go back in time to when my Two was little and just hit pause for a minute and soak up every second of it. Time really does go so fast! One minute they are rolling around on the floor trying to work out which way is forward and how to synchronize their arms and legs to get on all fours and start crawling, the next they are finishing University, Driving and holding down Jobs. I am one very Proud Mum I couldn't wish for better kids.

As you probably Guessed this occasion is going to require cake! well two actually! my Son will be Celebrating with his Friends this weekend, their birthdays are all close together, So i am going to be making a big Chocolate cake with Chocolate Drip and all kinds of yummy Choclatey goods on top for them. Then next week we will have a family celebration and the cake will be Red velvet so keep your eyes peeled for cake piccys .

Below is the Chocolate my Son had with his Friends.

This is the Red Velvet Cake Below.

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